The Division

Since Ubisoft failed to give your agent any sort of background I figure it be fun to have people post their own back story for their agent. This is for those who play The Division.

I know there's gonna be trolls and such but this is for a backstory of your Agent for others to read before they were activated. This isn't for game discussion on how much the game sucked or how destiny or whatever is the same. Its about YOUR agent. Roleplayers will thrive here as they usually have the better ideas on how to go about this.

My Agent:

Name: James Manson (Code named Delta)

Nationality: Canadian/American (Dual citizenship)

Height, Weight 6'2; 285lbs (Mostly muscle)

Personality traits: Laid-back, polite, Tactical thinking, observant, Joker, Blunt, and direct. Minor sparks of anger -when he does get angry look out!-

Martial Arts skill: Combat Jujitsu…

Family: Sister (Mother and Father are deceased)

Spouse: None

Bloodtype: O+

Motto: "Fighting fair is for the dead"

Usual class set: Healer/Sniper/Support (Over heal dosage shot, Pulse damage up, Immunity Link Signature)

Weapons: Carries one of every type

History: He served in the Canadian Military with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 2nd Battalion. He became a proficient designated marksman as he worked his way up the ranks, eventually his C8 was replaced by an M39 EMR, then an SR-25, as well as other various mid range sniper rifles in an assault rifle modular package. Eventually he would make it to Captain before they tried to place him behind a desk. Rumor has it he was head hunted for a position in JTF-2 but paper work wouldn't let him go into the Canadian's prestige special forces

After a year of that he became sick of not doing what he loved and left the military eventually coming to the US and using his experience to go into Private Contracting with ACADEMI (Blackwater) where he did contracting work all over the planet. Eventually a mission went wrong which he lost two of his best friends who taught him Combat Jujitsu (Tier 1 black belt) and how to perfect his craft. Around this time he was head hunted by OGA -Other Government Agency- who later became known as the Division and brought James into the program. Having no family -except for a sister he lost track of- and his feeling about ACADEMI falling short after superiors shrugging off the deaths of his friends he decided to go for it.

Being handed his assignment and such he was placed into New York where he would travel between Ontario -in Canada- and New York -his current mission- getting a job as a border cross guard for that area before the pandemic hit. Once it did hit James would find himself not yet activated but still going to do his job anyway. He would head into Ontario to assist the combination of Reservists and National guard to try and maintain order when the civilians revolted after hearing about some false rumors about a vaccine only being used on "Important Officials" which had James wondering if that was true.

But just when his faith in the whole Division was beginning to falter he was "Activated" and came to New York to start his job there. Just like when he was CAF and ACADEMI, James is once again taken up the role of Marksmanship however after learning a lot about medical stuff he decided to bring that in as his secondary role on the field when fighting along side other Agents against the chaos where he can be seen every now and then fighting on the ground with assault rifles, or up high with his Designated Marksman rifle.

Civilians have reported seeing this man caring for the occasional non-sick civilian and kids who come in with injuries despite not talking much.

When in the Darkzone he has a rule for wannabe Rogue Agents who may be tempted to take what hes got "ROE Agents, if you hit me, I'm gonna hit you twice as hard back"


Now onto something I need. People I need poses...from different deviants, like combat poses or you pretending to have a gun in your hand or an assault rifle, both male and female.  I prefer nude models (only if your only 18+ I'm not gonna break any rules here) or anyone who is under 18 wear tight fitting clothing so I can get curves right.  I'm not trying sound perverted, I just need these, and I know this is probably one of the best places to search.  So again if any of you both male and female can help me out, please do.  That way I can get some new armor designs as well as possible action scenes.  Thank you...LET ME KNOW THROUGH NOTES IF YOU CAN.

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